Harris Free Church has been in existence since 1843, though not sanctioned as a full charge until 1849.  Prior to its sanctioning as a full charge a catechist was settled in the parish in 1845.  Due to the fact that almost the entire population of Harris adhered to the Free Church in 1843, a population of approximately 4000, it was deemed appropriate to divide the parish. So in 1848 the Tarbert section of the congregation was separated, taking the name Tarbert Free Church, whilst the Manish-Scarista section retained the name Harris Free Church.  The church as it was then established continued until 1900 when the majority went into the Union to become the United Free and later (1929) enter the Church of Scotland.  The congregation that continued (30 members + adherents) in 1900 continued to be known as Harris Free Church, though the name Leverburgh Free Church was also used for a time, due to the main location being in Leverburgh.  This was the result of land being gifted to the congregation by the Earl of Dunmore, the landowner at the time.  Two plots of land were gifted, one in Leverburgh and the other in Manish.  Churches were built on both plots and both were completed in 1909.  The larger of the two properties was that in Leverburgh and coupled with the growth of Leverburgh in the years that followed it became the locus of Harris Free Church.  Indeed now the only property held by Harris Free Church is in Leverburgh, the Manish property having been sold in 2008.

Harris Free Church has had a long history and continues to seek to proclaim the truth of the Gospel to the people of Harris.

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