Lord’s Day Services – 17th February

12 Noon Service – Mr Murdo Murray

6pm Service  – Mr Murdo Murray


There is a crèche facility available for children under school age.

Sunday School

Sunday School will meet during the Noon service. The children come down to the front of the church after the first prayer where the minister will speak to the children for a few minutes. Afterwards, the children then go to their respective classes.

Midweek Meeting – 20th February

The midweek meeting will be led by the Minister on Wednesday at 7.30pm.

Communion Schedule – 21st to 25th February

Thursday 12 Noon Gaelic Rev Kenneth Ferguson
7pm English Rev Kenneth Ferguson
Friday 12 Noon English* Rev Ewen Matheson
7pm English Rev Ewen Matheson
Saturday 8.30am Prayer Meeting Elders
12 Noon English Rev Iain Macritchie
6pm Prayer Meeting Elders
Lord’s Day 8.30am Prayer Meeting Elders
12 Noon English Rev Iain Macritchie
6pm English Rev Iain Macritchie
Monday 11am English Rev Iain Macritchie

*Note – We will no longer be having a ‘Question Meeting’ on the Friday morning of our February Communion. Instead we will have an English service. However, we will continue to have a ‘Question Meeting’ at the August Communion.

If you are considering becoming a member and professing faith in Christ, or have any questions about it, then let the Minister know and he would be happy to discuss things with you.

All the above God willing


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