Lord’s Day Services – 19th January

12 Noon Service – Rev Mark Macleod

6pm Service  – Rev Paul Murray


There is a crèche facility available for children under school age.

Sunday School

Sunday School will meet during the Noon service. The children come down to the front of the church after the first prayer where the minister will speak to the children for a few minutes. Afterwards, the children then go to their respective classes.

WFM – 21st January

Angus and/or Kirsty Mckellar will speak about their time in North Korea at the next WFM evening, Tuesday 21st January, 7.30pm. This meeting will be open to all, men and women.

Midweek Meeting – 22nd January

The Prayer Meeting will be led by the Minister, Wednesday, 7.30pm. Everyone is encouraged to attend these meetings.

Next Lord’s Day – 26th January

The Minister will lead both services next Lord’s Day.

On creche: Julie

Care for the Caregiver – 25th January

Do you feel exhausted? Overwhelmed? Do you care for traumatised people? Care for the Caregiver is a stand-alone session from the Trauma Healing programme ‘Healing the Wounds of Trauma: How the Church Can Help.’ Mairianne Campbell (Stornoway Free Church) and Joanna George (St Peter’s Episcopal Church) are trained facilitators for this course and would like to extend an invitation to anyone who has felt overwhelmed by their caring role or has a burden of care for traumatised people. Through confidential small-group conversation and consideration of Scripture, the group will learn about how God cares for us and how important self-care is in order to remain able to help others. The session will take place in St Peter’s Church, Francis St at 10am on Saturday 25th January, finishing with lunch provided at 1pm.

Western Isles Free Church Mission Support Group – 31st January

The group will be hosting a supper evening on Friday 31st January at 7.00pm in the Rev MA Macleod Memorial Hall. Speaker to be confirmed. Donations will go to Muriel Macleod (Cambodia) and Catriona Macdonald (Peru). To book a place or a table please contact Duncan Maclean on

Stornoway Street Pastors

Stornoway Street Pastors will be taking on new Street Pastors this year. If you are interested in becoming a Street Pastor or would like to know more information then please email the Coordinator, Isabel Macleod in order to obtain an application form: All application forms must be submitted by 28 February 2020. Training will begin in the Spring.

Being Human – 25th February

Rev. James Maciver will be delivering a series of 10 theological lectures on “being human”, based on the Bible’s teaching, with an application to current views and debate. The course is suitable for all levels of biblical and theological knowledge and will be delivered at Lews Castle College on Tuesdays, 7 -8pm, starting on Tuesday 25th February. Cost for the course will be £45.To reserve a place, contact Lews Castle College on 770000 or

Harris Conference – 7th – 9th February

This years Harris Conference will take place from 7th-9th February in the Harris Hotel. Speakers include Rev Alasdair I Macleod and Rev Robert Murdock (Faith Mission College Principal).

Legacy Live

The Free Church of Scotland has launched a new online sermon website. Due to the blessings of modern technology we can now listen to sermons that were preached many years ago.  Most of these were originally recorded and preserved on tape and have now been successfully digitised by Iain Mackenzie from Tong.

For many, this will be an opportunity to listen again to the preachers of their youth, many of whom were used by God to bring people to faith in Christ.  For younger generations, Legacy Live provides a wonderful opportunity to hear these great preachers from the past for the first time. The website is currently featured on the home page of the Free Church of Scotland.

All the above God willing


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